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A Garden Upgrade

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Life seems to be all about upgrading, doesn’t it? Upgrading to the newest phones, cars, computers, and the list goes on.

Upgrading a garden is no different. People want things to be pleasing to the eye, so every few years it helps to change things up a bit! Whether it be adding some new flower beds, some accent lights or some shrubbery – a little can go a long way!

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of flowers – in the worlds of fashion, nature and decorating. You can rightfully assume that there are a lot of floral accents throughout my garden every summer.

My love for gardening goes all the way back to when I was around five years old. I grew up living very close to my grandmother, who is also a huge lover of flowers. The majority of my summers were (and still are) spent with her as she tended to her garden and cared for the multiple flower beds she has. I observed and lent a helping hand while soaking up all the tips and tricks she provided me.

The above flower bed is one that has been in the garden for quite some time. Me and my grandmother made some concrete blocks from a package of mix and used 2L milk cartons as molds! These blocks have gone through a ray of changes. They have been painted yellow, blue, red and then finally green. Now, I don’t mind painting but I hate scraping. Who can honestly say they enjoy scraping away paint? I’m pretty sure I see no hands raised! So after years of painfully scraping all theses blocks and repainting them, it was time for an upgrade to something less high maintenance.

My dad, being the handyman that he is, built a new flower bed from pressure treated wood. It is higher and longer so that more flowers will fit in. As well, it’s much cleaner and more pleasing to the eye! And here’s the kicker, I don’t have to paint it or scrape it! Hallelujah!

I filled it with lots of purples with a few splashes of yellow and orange – just to make things pop a little more. Then I topped the soil with some fresh red wood chips, which not only look nice but also helps to keep moisture in the soil!

A couple of other flower beds were overgrown by weeds after a summer (or two) of neglect (whoops), so I decided to tackle those as well.

Now I’m left with the tough decision of what to fill these empty beds with! I’m thinking about just packing them full of wildflowers, but I’m not quite sure yet! I’ll be sure to update you guys on what I decide!

Summer is a great time to try new things! So if you’ve never tried gardening before, why not buy yourself a small planter or build yourself a flower bed! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make a border with some rocks and fill it with soil! Then pick your favorite flowers, stick them in the soil and watch them (hopefully) flourish.

Pro Tip: Marigolds and Daylilies are a couple of the easiest and lower maintenance flowers out there – perfect for beginners. Daylilies are a perennial, meaning they will come back every year!  Marigolds are annuals, meaning they will only be around for one summer season. The marigold family does contain a perennial species but they will not survive in places with cold weather aka Canada, so don’t even bother ;). You could also head to your local nursery and I’m sure one of the employees will be happy to give you some advice on what would be best for you!

Happy Summer and Happy Gardening!

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