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The Lapel Flower

Happy Friday, Everyone!

By now you know I’m crazy about floral, so if there is any way I can incorporate it into an outfit- I am going to do it.

Adding a personal touch to an outfit gives you the chance to share with the world a bit about who you are. I have always been one to use accessories to express who I am- but of course, like anything in fashion, there are do’s and don’ts (like maybe jelly bracelets and spiked cuffs in high school). But thank goodness those days are long behind me.

Lapel pins, on the other hand, are total accessory do’s!

Origin of the Lapel Flower

There are many speculations as to where the lapel flower originated but I decided to choose the one story that I enjoyed the most.

Imagine your loved one gives you a flower as a symbol of their love, so you cut a hole in the left lapel of your jacket and put the flower in it so it will be close to your heart. Well according to this story that is how it all started! I am a hopeless romantic, so this one melts me into a puddle.

Picture this: Prince Albert and Queen Victoria are having wedding photos taken to celebrate their happy day. Queen Victoria gives her love, Prince Albert, flowers as a token of her love. He smiles gently as he gazes into his loving wife’s eyes. He then proceeds to cut a hole in his left lapel and inserts the flower and says, “Forever by my heart.” How romantic, am I right?

Prince Albert unknowingly started a trend. For many, many years, it was quite normal to see a man wearing a flower in his lapel from everyday activities to formal events. But like most trends, the lapel flower faded away. However, it has been making quite the comeback recently and I am all here for it!

The Collection

It was only recently that I started wearing lapel pins. These two (above) caught my eye the moment I saw them.  They are made from metal and have a metallic finish so they are extra eye-catching and I think the detailing on the petals is really pretty!

Another one of my favorite pins is this vintage rose pin. It was one of those pieces that immediately caught my eye and I knew I had to have it. I love roses and the detailing on this one is fantastic!

This pin is my current favorite and I have been receiving a lot of compliments on it. The matte color of the rose with the gold stem is gorgeous.

I found this pin while at the “St. John’s Vintage Emporium” event last weekend and it is from a company called YazBerry Fashion, who hosted this event. The event featured many different businesses who sell vintage and handmade items!

YazBerry Fashion is a local business located right here in St. John’s, NL. They have a number of items made from recycled and reclaimed materials that are carefully selected and paired with new materials. They sell vintage inspired jewelry, accessories and decor items that are all handmade! YazBerry Fashion also carries vintage clothing, purses, and home decor. Just like their guarantee says, “Yazberry will leave people asking where you got it!”

Click here to head over to Yazberry Fashion’s Facebook page, give them a “like” and shop their amazing collection!

I am always keeping my eyes open for fun accessories, so keep checking back to see what I add to my collection!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Until next time,

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