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The 2018 Stocking Stuffer Challenge

Hey, everyone!

For the 23rd day of Blogmas, Megan and I decided to do a stocking stuffer challenge! This year we had 7 minutes inside Dollarama to pick up stocking stuffers for a girl or boy while staying under our budget of $20.

We decided to pick up gifts for teenagers this year! I chose to get stuff for a girl, and Megan chose to get stuff for a boy!

Check out what we filled the stockings with below!

The items I was able to grab in 7 minutes.
The items that Megan was able to grab in our set time limit!
We tried to keep most of the stocking stuffers as everyday essentials, with a couple of fun things mixed in!

I think we did pretty good for only 7 minutes! We both went over the $20 limit, but Megan stayed the closest to our budget.

This was a fun challenge and it was great knowing that we were doing this for a great cause. These stockings have been donated to a local charity!

Check out last years stocking stuff Challenge by clicking here!

Merry Blogmas!

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