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Hey, Everyone!

It’s blogmas day 28! For today’s post Sam and I are doing the boyfriend tag—so you guys get to learn a little more about us!

How did you meet?

In a world dominated by technology and social media, a lot of relationships have started from meeting online! We actually followed each other on Instagram and we started liking each other’s pictures. I messaged him and said hello and the rest is history!

Where was your first date?

Coffee Matters Downtown on Sunday evening of January the 12th 2018.

Where/when was your first kiss?

After our first date when he walked me back to my car.

Who said “I love you” first?

I did!

Who does the cooking?

He definitely does the most cooking and I will help cut up vegetables. I look after the clean up because he hates doing dishes! (I don’t really enjoy doing dishes either, but I am so particular about how things are cleaned and put away that it is best if I do it lol!) I like to do some baking, so I think that we complement each other well!

Do you guys like to travel?

We love to travel! Living here in Newfoundland is great but we both feel that it’s important to get out and see the world now and then. I am currently putting the finishing touches on this blog post while we are on a flight to our next destination!

What does a typical evening look like for you guys?

Typically during the week we are both pretty busy. When we get home from work we will start prepping supper and he will cook. We will most likely watch an episode or two of one of our shows and then I will clean up the dishes and do any cleaning around the condo. I’ll also do a load or two of laundry so that I’m not spending my entire weekend at it. We usually hit the hay around 11 pm, depending on how early we need to get up.

What are your favourite restaurants?

We LOVE brunch. Usually on Sundays we will go out either with our group or by ourselves. We usually alternate between a few restaurants including Merchant Tavern, Exile and Oliver’s.

Who is more stubborn?

I say that he is but he says that I am. So I think that means we are both pretty stubborn!

Who is the better driver?

We are both good drivers, but I think I am a little less reckless while on the road (sorry Sam lol).

Any travel plans coming up?

Well, we are currently travelling somewhere now (you will find out soon where our destination is) and Spain in June!

When is your anniversary?

Good ol’ Valentines Day!

Favourite coffee shops?

We actually make lattes at home, but from time to time we will grab a chai latte from Starbucks! We used to go to some local coffee shops for lattes, but hands down our favourite coffee shop (well mine at least) is Church Street Espresso in Toronto. If you are ever in the Church Street area, you HAVE to check it out!

Did you spend Christmas together?

Of course! We spent Christmas with my parents and grandmother. They love him and are so glad to have him be a part of the fam jam!

Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?

Usually, Sam. But I have days when it takes me forever to get myself together to start the day.

What are your favourite things to buy?

We definietely have some addictions when it comes to shopping! When you walk into our place, you will see a sea of candles. Mostly pine scented woodsy ones. Alternatively, if you walk into our bathroom and open up the closet, you will find that it is the equivalent to walking into the toiletries section of Shoppers-moisturizers, face washes, soaps, night creams, face masks, you name it it’s there! Any guesses on who has which shopping addiction? Stay tuned to the end of this post to find out! 😉

Do you guys have a favourite store that you like to shop at?

He LOVES Bed Bath and Beyond! I love Winners (he never understands how I can go to Winners and browse through the clothes. It definitely requires some patience, but some of my favourite clothes are from there!) Both of us normally will buy our clothes from Zara and RW & Co.

What’s in store for you guys during 2019?

I am planning on heading back to university for my second degree! We have some travel plans in the works, but we are definitely heading to Spain in June. Above all, I am just excited to be spending another fun year with my favourite person!

I will see you guys again tomorrow for day 29 of Blogmas!

Oh! I almost forgot, I am 100% addicted to buying candles. I cannot get enough. My goal is to one day have a closet filled with different scents! Sam, cannot resist buying new body washes and creams and we are quickly running out of space to store them all!

Merry Blogmas!

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